Organize, relate, and discover everything in your life on your knowledge graph, all in one workspace.

100% free and open source. Integrates with your existing workflows.

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  • Local-first

    Your data is private and never leaves your computer. Query or sync all of your data in JSON format using a variant of GraphQL.

  • Everything in one place

    Search for calendar events, todo lists, emails, notes, contacts, social media posts, with full-text search and advanced semantic search.

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Search for everything in Unigraph

All your feed, collected

This is the only inbox you'll ever need. Say goodbye to juggling through all your apps to catch up with news, or bookmarking and forgetting what to read. Unigraph pulls your feed together (twitter, RSS, reddit, email, and more), removes paywall, and extract only the articles to give you a clean reading experience.

Drag everything you want to save for later into the read later list, or add a bookmark in your browser or twitter and let Unigraph automatically handle the rest.

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Inbox and read later list

Unlimited potential for customization

Unigraph is a highly modular productivity platform. All apps (such as todo list or email) are user-editable, and if you don't like an app, you can either use a community alternative, connect to a third party, or edit its source code.

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Adding GPT-3 integration for summarization

A knowledge graph for your life

Create bidirectional graph links across different types of objects - for example, link a calendar event to its meeting note.

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See backlinks and graph view for any object, across your entire database.


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Plan for trips to see a musical

Integrations used: RSS feeds, Google Calendar, Gmail

Apps used: Email, RSS, Todo List, Bookmark, Notes

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Plan your day

Integrations used: Google Calendar

Apps used: Calendar, Home, Todo List, Inbox

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Study for school

Integrations used: Google Calendar

Apps used: Notes (with LaTeX support)

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Research on random things

Integrations used: Bookmarks

Apps used: Article reader (annotation coming soon), Notes



Integrate and sync with most popular third-party services.

  • Email/Calendar: Exchange, Android, iOS/macOS
  • Notes: Roam, Obsidian, Notability (macOS + iCloud), Google docs
  • Read later: Pocket
  • Todo: Todoist, Google Tasks, Microsoft Todo
  • ...


Annotation (article + PDF), Cloud sync (for when you're offline), Web trail & browser history, ...

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